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Hey, nice concept and quite enjoyable. Just wanted to share a few things I though of whilst playing. First of all, I think it would be much more fun if the delay between attacks was shorter and also, maybe the security guard could extra movement options like a jump maybe? Other than that though, loved the focus on music and that parts of the music would stop if the respective frog was taken away by a fly but yeah, just wanted to share some ideas :)

Hi, thank you for your ideas, I will take them into consideration if I work on this again, and I wanted to ask, do you mean a double jump? Because there's already a jump in the game (with w or up-arrow)

Im glad you like it :)

Lmao I'm just dumb and kept trying space for jump I think, my bad. Here I am lecturing about ur game and can't even figure out the jump, sorry about that haha.

No problem, haha, I actually wanted to add space as an alternative jump button, but kind of forgot about it ^^

It a nice and funny game, where you can defend the ultra Jazz-Band from the angry flies, which don't like Jazz or frogs, idk, but they try to steal the Jazz-Band. Its awsome, that the soundtrack fits to each frog and this instrument isn't there if a Killfly steal the frog